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VisiLogic frustration

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OK, I have learned to live with the lack of a usable undo function, and the fairly primitive cut and paste capabilities on the HMI screens. However, today I went to send a screen shot to a client, and luckily I looked at the BMP file before I sent it. There, stretched across the center of the screen, was the Windows "file already exists, do you want to replace it ?" dialog box. Really? Why not capture the screen when the export button is first pressed? The mouse pointer will be off of the screen, and there won't be any dialog boxes. Sorry to vent, but seriously, as good as VisiLogic is, it could be much better if it integrated more Windows functionality into it. Other programming software does, so the ability is there. Paste objects anywhere on the screen, without moving the original. Undo every action, especially an accidental movement of a screen object (something that virtually every Windows program can do). Etc. These seem like small things, but they are time wasters that add up, and time is money when you are programming. 

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Visilogic is overall probably the best PLC ladder logic editor that exists. I love using it and tear my hair out when I have to use software for another manufacturer's PLC. However, these are valid complaints. Another I notice is when performing the standard Windows "Save As" function, the file name space is blank. All other Windows programs helpfully fill in the current file name which can be edited before saving. This is useful for two reasons, if the file name is not edited, then Windows will ask if you're sure before saving. The other reason is so that the file name will more likely be the one you really want. I don't know how many times I have almost saved a file using the wrong name because I am usually working on several projects at once (or several different PLCs of the same project).

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