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Unistream boot time, program editting

Joe Tauser

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"Soft Reset" is a feature that is currently being implemented and will be available on the next UniLogic+UniStream release. 

In this release, changes to the HMI, and Ladder will not require reset.


Changes to Tags can sometimes requires reset under the following rules:

* If tags were added - No reset requires

* If tags were deleted - Reset is requied

* If tags got their type changed (Bit, int etc), or an Array became to a none-array or vice versa - Reset is required

* If arrays or strings got their size increased - No reset is required

* if arrays or string got their size reduced - Reset is required.

* If a tag got it's address changed (due to defrag, or due to size increased, so it does not longer fits to where it was) - Reset 



All other features will require reset.


In the future we would probably support more features with "Soft Reset"



About the boot time, I have no answer.

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