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Issue hiding a HMI elements

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On the main screen of a product I'm working on I would like to have a user entered controller name displayed on the top of the screen during normal operation and a red "Alarm" label displayed in its place when an alarm condition is active.  My first idea for how to do this was to create text box with "Alarm" in red text, create a separate ASCII string variable to contain the user entered name, and then while one of them is being displayed, hide the other.  However, I've found that by using the "hide" property, hiding one causes that element to disappear, but still block out any element behind it.  Is there another way to do this?  I realize that I could make the "Alarm" text an ascii string as well and simply change the string contents at run time (and thereby not use a separate text box for "Alaram").  However, I want to make the Alarm text red and the controller name black, and I'm not sure how I could do this dynamically with an ASCII variable.  I appreciate any suggestions.

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I have a problem like this. I have a binary image that is over a part of other images, but when I hide de binary control using its "Hide property", the behind images are not showed completely,  because de binary image os replaced by a rectangle of its size having backgroud color, how can solve this problem?

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