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Ethernet/Cellular Commnication & iOS App


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We utilize a standard Cellular Router, USB Dongle and 24VDC to 5VDC-USB Board to create a small Communications Panel (4x4x2). I've flashed the Cellular Router with different firmware and set it up to work with the V570 Controllers we use for our Standard Pump Stations. We set up the Controller to alert the user of Alarm Conditions by utilizing the Email Function. The user either received to Email Address or Cellular SMS using Email to Text. We use a $30 iOS App setup to remotely monitor using an Ipad and/or Iphone. The App is able to use Modbus/TCP Protocol and we just set up the Controller to Listen. We also utilize the DDE Server provided by Unitronics to remotely monitor via Excel. For Windows users I would assume this could also be set up on a Windows Tablet that has the fulls Windows OS instead of Windows RT for mobility. We've also used an Android App that I believe was created by a fellow Unitronics user, but the iOS is easier to use in my opinion. Interested in hearing feedback.






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Original Firmware = 750-800MB Monthly

Manufacturer Edited Firmware = 50MB Monthly

Open Firmware = 3-5MB Monthly


That was for T-Mobile and honestly, in the applications we're using it for, I cannot tell a difference in 3G and 4G connections. Whenever I try with 2G I have issues however.


For Verizon they will not let us use 4G devices, but 3G is impressive connection in our applications. 


We use the Open Firmware for T-Mobile applications but surprisingly have no issues with most recent Manufacturer Firmware when using Verizon. This could now be the case with T-Mobile as they've updated 5-6 times since we first approached them, but Open Firmware allows for more control and we've spent a lot of time on getting it to work properly with T-Mobile so don't want to ditch so quickly.


Still cleaning up the look and changing around devices used to power the router (5VDC), but getting there. 


Thanks again for support you've provided as we started getting more in to communications applications.

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