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  1. I have also noticed that the SB's associated with Ethernet state (not relevant for V700). Have these status registers moved?
  2. I would also suggest using a #6 "Preset Holding Register" function block instead of the #16 "Preset Holding Registers" function block as your vector length appears to be one. This can cause issue with some slave devices. You might have better luck if you lower your baud rate to mitigate any problems electrical noise (that VFDs are notorious for) might be causing, as well as making sure you are using shielded cable that is grounded on one end only.
  3. I would consider remote mounting the PLC and using a tablet to remote control it, either using VNC with the Uni product line or Modbus/TCP with the Vision product line.
  4. What benefits have you seen using the application on the mobile device and collecting the data over Modbus/TCP versus just using the webserver on the ethernet card and a browser on the mobile device?
  5. It is fairly simple. Connect your sockets, scan on the slave device and poll on the master device. As usual with Modbus, to talk to many devices you will have to convert your MBs to integers using the BIT->INT FB.
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