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SAMBA expansion IO

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The Samba does not have a traditional expansion port for I/O, If you do have the need for additional I/O with this unit you can include the EX-RC1 module which can connect to our additional expansion I/O modules. You will use the device net cable (CANbus) to connect the 2 units. 

I hope this helps awnser your configuration question. 

Thank you 


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How much and what kind of expansion do you need?  Is it in the local panel or remote? 


By the time you've added the CANbus card and the EX-RC1 (about $250) you have bumped the cost into the realm of a regular V350.  Plus, you're very limited on the local I/O board you can choose.  


The SAMBA fits where you want a nice screen on a limited I/O application.  I wouldn't push it past that. 


Joe T.

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Hi Joe


I am starting on a project using SAMBA, and have spent some time reading in the forum.

I to need some more IO on samba, and was puzzled by "Is it in the local panel or remote".

Do you mean that it would be possible to get more IO if it is in the local panel and not remote?


Thank you.


Br Johnny

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The Samba does not have the ability to use the local expansion adapter to add additional I/O modules. It does have the ability to add a CANbus card to connect to the EX-RC1 remote expansion adapter that requires additional programming. Butt this is a more expensive option instead using a V350 that has the option to use the local expansion adapters that do not require additional programming.

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