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Lost serial Comm while updating OS on a V130

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While updating the OS on a V130 the serial port stopped working in the middle of the update.  I can no longer communicate with the controller.  I am sure there must be a way to do a reset.  When I hold the "I" button it asks for a password to continue, wich I don't have.  I am curious if anyone else has encountered this.

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I have seen a similar condition in the past related to the baud rate setting, Please confirm it is set at 57600. You will need to update the OS of the controller to resolve the condition. For this case you will be placing the controller in Bootstrap mode prior to the update. To perform this task hold down the <I>+<Right Arrow> keys and cycle power to the controller then release. You can confirm the controller is in boot mode by checking the connection through the communication and OS window found in the Connection drop down. You will then proceed with the process of updating the controller. When you reach the point that the OS installation wizard appears and you can select the “Advanced”  Select this button and it will open a window for you to select the OS files manually. Select the browse button and then choose the file with the highest number and the most recent date. Then proceed with the download. Please let us know of your results.  

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Please try to recover this V130 PLC as follow:

Power OFF the PLC>press & hold the info+ESC keys>power on the PLC while pressing.

Set the communication parameters as baud rate 115200 and 2 sec time out, then download the attached UDC file to the PLC.

To use UDC file please download Unitronics UniDownloader tool

Please let us know your results..


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