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email problems


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Sorry for all the questions but now I am having trouble with email. Trying to get email to work crashed UniLogic a couple of times and generated the screen to send the report to Unitronics. UniLogic shut down after this so I was not able to generate the report to Unitronics.

It looks as though some changes were made to UniLogic since the email Webinar was made. One thing I noticed was that there is no members of the "send email struct" as there were on the webinar: send success, send failure, status. Might that be part of my problem? besides ignorance :)

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I am opening an existing project that was created using 1.7.62. It is not crashing now but I still can't get email to work. As I said earlier, there are no members of the send email struct. I'm not sure if I'm missing something. When it did crash once I got the message about generating a report for Unitronics and two other times Windows had a problem with Unilogic and shut down the program

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Ok, and you are sure that the defective project was created using version 1.7.62 (not with earlier version and then upgraded)?


You've said that UniLogic crashed when you first added the email. Maybe that caused the struct to be made without any members.

Can you please send the project to the support, and ask them to forward it to me?


1 more thing,

go to: %programdata%\unitronics\unilogic\temp\

Do you see a foder called ErrorData?


Hopefully, if UniLogic did not crash after the crash you've mentioned, and hopefully that the file were not erased, can you please send the Zip, or the other files in that folder to the support (also forward to me)?



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