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Out of memory, strange...

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I have a program with 9 displays, I tried to download the program and memory is now "full". :(

To me it is strange that the most memory is dissipated for the HMI variables, not for the ladder program.

See attachment.


I have about 100 buttons and input/output variables in the displays.

In my project there is a lot to display and analyze.


Can the memory be expanded?


I can't complete my project, I think I made the wrong choice of HMI type.






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SAMBA doesn't have the same memory specification like V350/V570.

As you understand SAMBA is 1/10 memory capabilities compare to V350.

Samba is especially suited for small machine applications.

Like Jazz, Samba is designed to give an optimal price/performance for low-end PLC and even to Smart Relay customers. These are OEMs who make small machines that have low I/O requirements. Samba is a step up for them – allowing OEMs to offer a color touch screen instead of their current text display.

Most of the memory is occupied by the HMI variables, HMI variables with more properties can take more memory.


Please note that converting projects from V350/V570 to SAMBA may cause to incompatibilities between operands.


I hope it helps…

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Thank you very much for your answer.


Yes indeed, this is lowcost and I have to take the consequences.

I should choose the Samba for the smaller projects.


Meanwhile I could optimize my code by removing a lot of comments and buttons in de display menu's which allowed me to complete the project i was working on.

So everything is fine now.



Best regards!



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  • MVP 2023

I recently completed my first project with the Samba and was surprised at how limited the memory is. Just a little bit more would have been very helpful, but I took it as a challenge to get all the essential information on the screen while staying within the limitation. This was actually for a small machine (an air compressor), but the customer wanted various statistics and a log file to be displayed on screen. I really had to rework the User Interface I normally use for the V570, but I got it done and I'm pretty pleased with the result - and more importantly, so was the customer.

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