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A problem popped up with images on my V350.


We have historically uploaded our applications from the SD card reader (in production).

Now we face a new problem with images created by us.


On the SD upload, we are missing some of these images. Seems to be only for

button images. After uploading a project from the SD card, everyting seems to be ok except

that none of the button images are loaded. All buttons with images set, will be green.


To resolve the issue, we need to download an empty project on the V350 onboard serial port.

Then download the "real" project again, this also via the serial port.

All images are in place after this proceedure.


What would be the difference between making a clone or clone + OS on an SD card compared with

uploading the same project directly from the PC?


Is my image library not complete when making the clone file?





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Hello Andreas,


When performing a clone+OS from SD it will download the projects and the selected operation system.

If the images will not be completely downloaded please verify that the Boot and the BinLib are compatible with the selected  operation system version.

Please use the your current VisiLogic version and create new clone+OS for the SD.

we recommend to use the latest VisiLogic V9.7.24 from our website.


I hope it helps..

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Hello  icotenev.

If you reboot the PLC do you have communication with the PLC?

Please also try rebooting the PLC while pressing the screen. The PLC will start in boot mode and you will see a counter. Press the screen once more so the counter will stop.

Download the BIN lib only and then reboot the PLC.

Then try communicating and download the O/S.

Please let us know if this helps.

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