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This application is available in the Unitronics' app store. It sounds like it would be extremely useful, but I'd like to know if anyone on this forum has used the product and what the experience has been. Are there issues when the Visilogic software is updated? Is the simulation 100% faithful to an actual PLC? Can I simulate multiple PLCs that are in communication? Are there any significant features lacking?



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Hi Flex


I purchased this about 18 months ago in the hope it would eliminate the need to keep PLC's for testing.

Many functions are not implemented and in the 18 months I have not seen any further updates from the original release.

Recently the program has stopped working and I have not been able to get a response from their customer support.

I don't think you will have any luck with multiple PLC communication as this will definitely not be supported.

Many data table functions are not supported along with SD, password, float and webserver functions.

Unless your program is relatively basic you may have difficulty in running it, and if this is the case you probably don't need a simulator.

I would ask Unitronics to verify if this product is still being supported by the supplier and if not they should remove it from sale on their site.

As I said there have been no updates since its release and no response from customer support I would avoid this.

This is a pity as the program was the basis of a very useful product had it been completed.




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Hi all,

I have the same bad experience with the Virtual PLC. It supports only very basic functions; e.g. drum sequencer is not supported at all but this is a key point of my programs. OK, I wrote a special subroutine simulating the drum sequencer for testing purposes. Some days everything run normally. Suddenly after a small change of the software the virtual PLC has stopped working. The virtual PLC showed only static text "Starting PLC" and nothing more. I asked authors for fix - without success. 

Furthermore, the software has only one possibility to "download" program into VPLC: "Download all and burn". This type of downloading code took nearly the same time to download as on physical PLC! Every time I changed a piece of code in my appllication I had to wait about five minutes for finishing the download. 

I think the software needs radical improvements and should not be offered in current state.

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