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Canbus access via Ethernet?

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Hi again all,


To save me some (days of?) mockup testing and likely hair removal, is it possible to perform full remote access operations on a 120 connected by canbus to a 230 that has the ethernet connection?  If so, any tricks I should know about?


I guess the question also applies to any units in the same configuration, just for general interest.


Thanks and Happy New Year to all,


Cheers from Aus.

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  • MVP 2023

Yes- the V230 (and any other CPU with CANbus) can act as a gateway.


Set up your Ethernet in the V230 program and then in the Connection->Communication dialog box leave the Connection Type as TCP/IP (Call) but down in the frame labelled "Communicate with OPLC" choose the "Within Network" option button and point it to the Unit ID of your V120.


You'll obviously have to set SI 8 in the V120 to something different than the V230 before you do this. I'd set SI 8 in the V230 to 1 and SI 8 in the V120 to 2.


Joe T.

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