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modem connection


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If you are going to use the Enfora modem for the PLC, you need to initialize the modem for PLC-side.  This can be done through VisiLogic:

     -Navigate to "Connection" tab

     -Select "Modem Services"

     -Select "GSM" tab and enter COM parameters

    -Select "Initialize PLC-side Modem"


What you will need to connect the modem to your PLC is a RJ11 cable and the MJ10-22-CS76 (RJ11 to DB9 serial adapter).  This should be included with the modem kit. 


To connect to your PC for modem initialization, you will need any male-to-male or male-to-female DB9 cable.  One side of the DB9 cable will go to the modem (male side of cable) and the other side to your PC. If your PC does not have a DB9 serial port, you can use the MJ10-22-CS35 RS232 to USB converter, which will plug into the DB9 side of the CS76 adapter.  In this case, you would need a male-to-female DB9 cable.


Hope this helps!

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I too am trying to enable my V570 to send SMS alerts to technicians' phones.   I would use the GSM-KIT-17J-3G (Cinterion EHS6T). I had selected a SIM provider (NEO/Aeris), only to learn that they only support  SMS to another machine, not to mobile phone.  Are there SIM / Service providers that support SMS to phone?

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Thanks Joe,

I spoke to someone there and he redirected me to Twilio; still waiting for a reply there. Lots of companies want to handle millions of messages for $?k per month. They seem to struggle to comprehend the punicity (punyness?) of my application.  If I run across a company that will handle 0-5 SMS for $5-20 a month, I'll post here for others.

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