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Easter Eggs


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Probably a low-importance topic here, but I thought that those on here would get as much of a kick out of a project like this as I do.


Here is the start for a version of "LIGHT'S OUT!" to be included as an Easter Egg in the diagnostic screens on a line of our machines.


Game-play works well.  Not finished is the win routine and the population for the table containing the initial puzzle states.  In the 5x5 version of this puzzle, not all initial states are solvable, so I only wanted to include the winnable arrangements for the customer. (Check out the paper "Turning Lights Out with Linear Algebra" by Anderson and Feil for more info.)


Any suggestions, shares or similar ventures would be appreciated.



*NOTE* Went to post, and apparently the source is too big to fit and the forum rules won't let me post ladder exports.  Any other place where people are sharing whole code for UniStream?


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Cara, thanks for including the ability to attach .ulle's.


Here is my exported ladder so far.


Currently, it won't re-load a new game and the win routine is non-existent.  Still, I wanted to illustrate the gameplay.


I created the structs for the individual lights with integers to indicate the x and y data for the button.  There is a simple rule for a general button press, but I haven't thought of a way to write it as ladder logic in a way that's easier than just writing out 25 lines of toggles.  I'm keeping them around just in case I or someone else thinks of something clever.


Also, I'm hoping to move the variables out of the global registry into the local register for the function.


I probably won't get to look at this again until at least the weekend, but I'll be updating this thread as I go,



Lights Out Ladder.ulle

Lights Out Ladder.ulle

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