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He mean that with the example, all it's well explaned.

From configuring the data port com.

How send number/variable you need to transmit to your Weight device.

The example send 2 type of data.

1) it send the ML 0.

2) it send a vector of 6 MI representing RTC hour in ASCII format.

All two using the protocol send function.

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What model PLC are you using?

You're going to want a second serial port to talk to the display. It's really hard to troubleshoot a serial communication application if you can't go online and look at it run while you're trying to talk to your device.

The best way to get started is to load the Protocol example file into your PLC and connect another computer to the second port and look at what's happening with Hyperterminal and another Unitronics programming cable. You should see the strings on the screen that you're sending. This will help you get the serial communication parameters set up.

Joe T.

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