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Question about VisiLogic Install

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I have a number of versions of VisiLogic installed on my computer and switch between them with Version Swapper. It works well, but if I have a problem with one of them, it is difficult to re-install that version. The install utility does not give the user any opportunity to select a specific folder to install into. It will overwrite a specific folder that only it knows. How can I know which folder it will install to or how can I direct the installer to install to a specific folder?

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Hi Flex,


I've been waiting for someone more knowledgeable to suggest something, but looks like it is worth me giving my pearls of wisdom.  It might be an easy way for you to solve your dilemma.


I have trouble with Version Swapper when moving to a newer version of Visilogic.


My way of getting around this is that during each new upgrade install, I delete all the current Unitronics entries via remove programs.  After the new installation finishes, I copy the entire Visilogic_C folder and paste it into my dedicated "Unitronics old versions" storage with the relevant name change to what version it is.  I can then easily reinstall it into the new Version Swapper by copying it back as a virgin system and letting Swapper pick it up from there, never touching the source folder.  As I don't do this too often, I may have forgotten some of my process, but it is the essence of what I do.


Hope it helps.





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