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Struct members and Data Table columns reordering


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I create an indexed data table, based on a struct previously defined.  but now I want to change the table columns order or to insert a  new column to the left. Every member added to the struct is placed at the end of the list and to the right column of the table. I found it possible to change columns order by dragging headers on the data table editor, but when exporting the data table to excel it is keeping the original column order as the original struct members order when created!! Also this order is shown at Uniapps data table viewer. This is not the necessarily the correct order required!


Yes, I can delete and recreate the struct and the data table and rebuild them in the right order, bur is thee a beater way? like changing the struct members order?


In addition I found it is possible to sort struct members by Name or by Type but not back to the natural order they created, and shown in the opened list in ladder elements . I guess a "Member #" column is missing for viewing, sorting and reordering, that can fix it all.



Unilogic Version 1.14 Rev.62


Thanks in advance,




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Yes, but if you copy a DT function block from another project with an identical (appearing) DT, but the columns were inserted differently, then the FB will not refer to the correct columns.


The problem is that the Data Tables use addressing that is not visible to the programmer. VisiLogic seems to indicate that the name of the column is the address pointer, but it is not.

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