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UniLogic - Trendline Value


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  • 2 years later...

this is Display bug ! 

if you see on the picture the Value  that i point when X = 17:43:31 Y = 1 it display the correct value on the pointing ,but axis Y on the chart holds incorrect value 

you can also see that the separation line ticks holds the value 0,1,3,4,6 this division is INCORRECT display ,it should be 0,2,4,6 or 0,1,2,3,4,5 .

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Do I understand that the data that you sample is Float / Real?

In which version of UniLogic is happens? For real numbers in trends, the decimal precision is 6 digits after the dot. In your case, it looks like the decimal precision 0 digits (assuming it is a real number).


Can you supply a project that reproduces the problem?

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Ok, this I understand, but I understood from your replies that the value 1 is not 1, but between 0 and 1, but since it is integer then it can be either 0, 1, 2 etc, and I understood from you that the value is not 1 (but actually it is).

The correct bug description would be "incorrect Y Axis Division labels when curve linked to Integer and Max-Min does not dived by 4 without a remainder"


I've opened a bug report on this issue.

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Correct , as you can see on the picture i put marker on the chart and it present correct value 1 ,while Y axis present value somewhere in between 0 to 1 .

it will be useful in the future if the user can better customize the trend and the division line properties for example color thickness number of separation line ) 

also to present process in one file for more then 24 hours (year months)

Thank you for support 

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