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Thermocouple no reading

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Thank you in advance.


I have a K t/c into the - and + of my V200-18-E3XB snap in. I changed my jumpers as per included sheet.  I hardware configured it to MB1. After download/reset, and going online (glasses) and I look at MB1 it is still 0 value.  I also tried a different t/c to no avail. Do I need anything attached to CM or ACM? it is only a 2 wire t/c.


Sorry I am really green to this.


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+1 to what Joe has said, although I'm not so brilliant!!  (Is there an emoticon for "grovel before master"?!!)


I well remember scratching my head years ago on the very same issue, .


At the time, I thought it was just me being stupid, but given that it looks like other people seem to be caught on this one, perhaps the literature should make it a bit more obvious.





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