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SSI shaft encoder


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Does you device have a specification sheet that explains the protocol layout of the SSI protocol?  We do not directly support this protocol, but we may be able to program it.


If you can interpret this protocol, we may be able to program the UniStream to work with this encoder.  We can move the RS485 buffer to a buffer tag dependent on three conditions - amount of bytes received, a time frame, or an end of text character.


Please let us know and we would be happy to assist.

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I know that I'm worming up old meat, but this is also a case for me. I have been planning to use SSI over RS485 (use one signal as a clock second as a  input) but I don't think that there is a tool for doing this in vision.  I have V430-J-B1 PLC.

Attached you can find SSI  protocol descr. Do you think it is possible to comunicate it with V430 PLC?


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