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  1. Hi Cara, I mean to add my own styles to the pre-defined styles. E.g. when I want to use a tank i have pre-defined styles (tank1, tank2 , with and without ladder,.... ). But there is no possiblity to change the tank picture to my own one. I know changing the fillcolour is possible by using customized HMI-themes.......
  2. Hi audun, you can use a Tag instead of a fixed phone number in the SMS message configuration. Then you can use the modem.success tag to trigger sending the SMS messages one by one to each number ......... BR Markus
  3. Great work Unitronics team!!! Some ideas from my personal wishlist: Samba: more models of the new Samba plc (different IO configurations) or the possibility to add local IO expansions Unistream: The possibility to write UDFB in structured text add the support for more than only one Long range extension kit Visualization: add a possibility to display moving objects e.g. a user defined picture in a slider would be more comfortable, instead of using "list of images" to display a moving object more than one display per project. With different size an
  4. Hi, many thanks for the fast reply. I think I will use a CanOpen device instead. Maybe UniStream supports SSI in future, because SSi devices are much cheaper. Thanks and BR
  5. Dear support team, is ther a way to use an shaft encoder that uses SSI protocol (RS485 interface) with UniStream? Thanks BR
  6. Hi Support team, is there any workaround to open UniLogic more than one time on the same pc? I have often the case where it would be helpful to open UniLogic a second time with a different project. Thanks and BR
  7. I have the same problem. I tried to update the firmware of my unistream controller with usb memory stick. The panel does not recognize the usb memory stick. I tried 2 different memory sticks with a capacity of 8 GB formatted in fat32. Both did not work. Is there anything to take care of? Do the memory sticks need special formatting to be recognized by the unistream controller? I also tried to save the application to the dok (via uni apps), to crosscheck if the usb memory stick is recognized. But i always got the error "DOK COULD NOT BE FOUND" Any Ideas?
  8. Thank you. I think the difficulty is to know the WAN IP adress of the modem. In case i am using a GSM modem I think it will always get a new IP from the internet service provider (for each connection). Do you have any step by step instructions how to set up a remote connection for programming purposes from the programming pc to the unistream plc? BR
  9. Hi all, I did not find a possibility to remote download my project. With VNC i only can watch the actual program in the PLC. But how to download software changes remotely? B.R.
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