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Deleting timer bug


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Hi all,


Again on 9.7.55 Build 0.


Nothing major but it was confusing.  Tidying something up and was able to get rid of some timers.


In deleting them, the "Use" tick wouldn't disappear in the Operands display, even though the program could find no reference to them in a search.  Compile didn't help either.  I finally found that if the type was TA or TE, you have to set it back to the "default" TD, and then the tick disappears.





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I am using 9.8.18, build 0. Have observed 2 issues.


1.  Whenever i try to delete a subroutine, i get the message


" Run Time Error 3021,  Either BOF or EOF is True, or the record has been deleted. Requested operation needs a current record "


and i have to shut down Visilogics and then start it again. This time it allows one to delete the subroutine.


2. Again, this pertains to 9.8.18 build 0, storing an encoder value on power off and retrieving it on power on, using MLs doesnt work. Only works with DWs. The MLs get reset to 0


Are these issues only faced by me?





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Hello Lawry,


Your first issue has now been resolved and the fixed has been released in the latest software reslease (today) of 9.8.22. 


Could you explain the second issue a little more?  How do you have the ladder programmed for this?  Are you just trying to retain the last position before power down?

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