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SD Card to Excel- Write to CSV problem


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Dear Gentlemen
I'm working with V130, logging 4 parameters; date, time, an MI(reading as flow from a flow meter) and a Boolean value. on line view of  the date table is all good, all 4 columns are logged, and row wise. my problem is writing to the sd card, to the csv format. All i'm getting when I read the sd card out of the plc is
the first 2 digit of the date 05(today) logged repeatedly without space in a single row. Sample attached. No column headers.
Any help is much appreciated.
Moorthy.unitronics 2.docx

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I looked at the project and the problem is that in Ladder SD Create Delimited Line the start of vector (for stroring the line data - Date , Time, Float and Binary Text) is MI24 and you need to keep at least 20 MIs (40 characters) free - meaning from MI24 up to MI44.

In this case you are using MI25 (final number of bytes)and MI26 as status. This overwrtes the data you are storing. 

Make sure to change the "outputs" of the SD Create Delimited Line to other MIs. 

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