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backup and restore of retained tags


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Hi support team,


scince UniLogic 1.17.58 it is possible to upload and download retained tags.(Also in UniApps it is possible to backup and resotre all retained tags to and from a DOK)

I often use "user editable" parameters like timers or other values as retained tags. In case of an empty CPU battery all this settings would be lost (and of course the machine would not work correct).


My solution at the moment is to save all retained values into a datatable and write this datatable to a file (DTI to file function). This workaround is not very comfortable.


What I would prefer is a solution like it is now in the UniApps. There i can backup and restore all retained tags to and from the DOK.

Is there any possibility to write a function block that can trigger a backup and restore from and to the SD card? It would be much easier for the Operator, because there would be no need to enter the UniApps (with using a function block I could provide backup and restore buttons for the operator directly in the Visualization).


Is there any possiblity? Maybe with using C function?

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Has Unitronics given any more thought to this request or has there been any updates? Since an SD card can be loaded with a program and the Tags can be Retained to the SD card through UniApps, a Unit can be restored with minimal downtime when a PLC or battery were to dies. Unless I am misunderstanding something, the downside is that the backed up tags have to be backed up manually through UniApps so the tags are not necessarily current to the point when the battery or unit died. As an extra benefit, it would be very helpful to be able to automatically backup tags from the ladder (trigger maybe every hour) so that the tags could be up to date at all times.

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I would like to also request that Unitronics consider allowing tags to be backed up to the SD card and not limit the user to being able to export to a USB DOK only. My reasoning is that the SD card is more of a semi-permanent type of memory in a sense that it is often installed and them forgotten about so it can be left in the PLC long term and used to backup tags to. Limiting the user to a USB DOC, means that the flash drive is visible and is easily removed without realizing that it is important. I find that when I send a Unitronics Control System out into the field, customers are not as familiar with what they are looking at so they are more likely to rob the USB drive from the PLC than they are a micro SD Card that they may not even know is there until they need to replace the PLC and are told about it from our technical support documents. It is common for customers to tell me that I forgot to remove the flash drive from the PLC before the unit shipped.

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