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Help me V1210 with counter


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Hi friends,

i have an counter that it have been fail in count of our machine through signal pulse of encoder.

i want to use it (v1210) for measure the number of product that go out of machine of press.


I need of values of:

liquid counter

gross counter

reset both

and accumulated


Anybody have idea about this application then please learn me.


Best regards,






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Hi Joe,


All sign pulse come to pin k1 (B70-encoder). One go to S7-300 and other go to convertor frequency (1:2) that go to input cartoon.

I believe that CPU need only of a pulse of reference to obtain gross counter. And for calculate result value of count liquid.


Please check more detail in your personal email.

Thank you for now.



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So it looks like A70 is some kind of scaling module configured by which input pins are tied to +24V.  Thanks for the clarification on K1.  You have to tell your doctor these things.


I'll check my email tomorrow, but for purposes of the forum which I/O module are you using?  To get a HSC on a V1210 you'll need a snap IO module (one of the V200s).


Joe T.

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Thank you for answer Joe.


I am using right now a [V1210]+[v200-18-ex3xb] for test of read value direct of counter(Sensor 5 pin Visolux LT63/70b). Fist step is read value correct of counter.

But in future I will use [V1210]+[v200-18-ex3xb] connected network Canbus with [EX-RC1]+[iO-DI8-TO8].


Email again.


Meus cumprimentos,


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