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New Website...

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So the new website...LOOKS cool.

...but now I can't select what hardware I need to use.  


It is now impossible to configure my hardware for an application.  



I have a project with:

30 sinking inputs 

24 relay outputs

6 analog inputs 

4 analog outputs


If I am planning on using a V430, am I expected to download all of the technical specifications to find the I/O count for each backplane???




This used to take me 30 seconds.... <_<  <_<  <_<


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the new website needs some getting used to, I know that you will find it informative as the old website and even more.


To see all of Unitronics products you can click the second tab "PLC`s" and you will be presented with a drop down menu with all of the products sorted to gropes.

To see V430 table click here, scroll down and click "Vision430 models - Onboard I/O`s".

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Hi again,


I knew I wasn't going nuts!!  A page did it to me again today, and I spent some time figuring it out.


I'm using Firefox 47.0.1 on Win7 and the relevant areas disappear completely if you have zoomed in from normal, and the width of the window is not enlarged enough.  Normally, zooming for me just affects the "overall" view or arrangement, but it is making the 3 red boxes that you have arrowed, magically disappear completely.


Select the right window border and drag it in, let go and they disappear.  Drag out, let go and back they come if you've gone far enough!  It is something to do with the border width of these 3 items as the moment you go past, it happens.


If you can't replicate this I can send you a small screen video if necessary.





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