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PLC Name with serial connection?


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Hey All,

Just an observation........

I just downloaded Remote Operator, first time I've tried it......

Just to get started and see how it works I tried connecting to a V280 that's sitting on my workbench, to which I just downloaded a program via the serial port.

The default serial setting in R/O are set the same as my PLC, but it also prompts for a PLC Name, and will not check connection without it.

So I went back and added a PLC Name (set by the Power Up Bit), and sure enough, now it works......

Now we all know you must have a PLC Name for I/P connection, but I've never seen this for serial connection (i.e. never needed this from Vision or Remote Access).

I was never in the habit of setting the PLC Name on projects that I didn't plan to be on my ethernet network.

Something new to remember if I want to keep my projects consistent......


Regards, JohnR



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