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Modbus Configuration - Indirect Slave ID Declaration

Javier Camusso

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Hi everyone.

I tried to use a MODBUS configuration using an indirect declaration of SLAVE ID, but didn't work. (see example in index 2 and 3 below)


If I declare the SLAVE ID in a direct way, all OK.

My problem is that I have to read several slaves from the PLC, and is realy hard to do with a fixed Modbus configuration.

I am using a V130 in revision 9.6.0.


Thanks in advance.
Regards, Javier.

P.D.: Sorry if I posted this twice. I couldn't find the first post.


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Yes, I did that manually, using a pulse in parallel with power-up bit that I set in run time.

I realized another thing during this: The IP and port setings in Modbus configuration have no effect! The communication uses the socket settings, regardless of Modbus configuration. The only one parameter that uses from configuration is the ID.

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