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Expansion modules stacking


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Are there any rules that are considered "good practice" when stacking expansion modules, or is it only esthetics that doesn't effect functionality. To be specific I have five PT400 modules connected to EX-D16 and had to add one AI4-AO2 module on the end. This question came to my mind when I was checking current consumption that EX-D16 can supply and saw that modules that require 24V supply have "sandwiched" temperature modules that don't.

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Personally I tend to group modules of a like type to prevent the sandwich issue.  I also try to standardize it across projects so that I know Outputs are always certain bits and addresses.


Other than that, it doesn't affect functionality in any way.  Once you have the program finished, unless you've written the program to account for movement, moving modules can be a pain as it changes the addresses. 


I know this is worded a bit funny.  It's early and I'm not fully caffeinated yet to form completely coherent thoughts.

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On 02/12/2016 at 1:13 AM, cantcliff said:

I'm not fully caffeinated yet to form completely coherent thoughts.

Ahhh....Cliff, that means your modules are not aligned properly yet!

And Isakovic, I do it differently to Cliff.  I always look at whatever modules I am using and note their current consumption.  I then stack them with the highest users closest to whatever expansion interface I am using, and the lowest/nils at the end.  I know that this isn't specified, and I know that it supposedly doesn't matter, but I just do it because it makes me feel happier.

I have had instances in the past working with extended logic modules from other makers where I had to add heavier power cables other than the ribbons in use.  I just think it logical (Captain Kirk!) to keep the highest users closest to the supply, thus avoiding drops along the convoluted chain that involves all sorts of connections, each one possibly a problem.



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