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VisiLogic missing IO modules

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I am working with VisiLogic 9.8.31 and using a V570 controller. I am unable to find/load the following modules in HW Configuration: IO-D18-R08, EX-A2X, and V200-19-ET2. Is this an issue with outdated software? I just downloaded it a few weeks ago. 

I'm not sure if I need to be physically connected to the modules in order to recognise them. The actual PLC and modules haven't arrived yet, Just doing some initial setup. 

Any suggestions would be appreciated - this is my first time using Unitronics equipment and software.


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Visilogic assumes that the EX-A2X is present if you are using expansion I/O, so you don't need to add it into the hardware config. 

The IO-DI8-RO8 is listed with the IO-DI8-TO8 and will show as IO-DI8-TO8/RO8 in the hardware config screen under I/O Expansions.

The V200-19-ET2 is a card that the PLC recognizes when you plug it in it's not part of the hardware config.  You do have to make sure that the card and sockets are initialized, and a PLC name is set in in the ladder(recommended to be done with SB2 on power up) in order to use the V200-19-ET2.


Joe beat me to it  :)

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