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How to present Trend curves at the same time


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I have the data samplers established, have FIFO trends on HMI,  I seem the have all the parameters set. Having two issues: It only seems to display one curve at a time. Other issue is the curve stays at zero even when the sampled variable is 90 (scale 0 to 100). I read thru the help before posting last night. See example below. Trying to create it's parallel is UniLogic.


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In order to better help you:

  1. Will it be possible to send us the application to support@unitronics.com for review?
  2. Can you please tell us on the properties windows/trend curve list option, when the trend curves configuration window is open:
  • Is the option "is visible" selected for  all curves?
  • What are the values for Max and Min columns?

          3. Can you please tell us what version of UniLogic and Bin files are you using?\

Please note that the latest version of UniLogic is V1.18.60 and BIN files 1.18.19. We recommend to install and use this versions.

I use the attached example, I change the trend on the HMI to FIFO and had no issues viewing the 3 curves at the same time.

But remember that only one of them will have the focus and that is the one that will have the title on the upper part and the correct units on the X axis.




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