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I have V130 with an Enfora GSM 1308 modem.

Appliance is a remote controlled air sampler

The measurement must start by  SMS  - it works,

Applliace send back a SMS: Measurement started - it works as well.

End of the measuring time (10 minits) should send an SMS : measuring finished  - but in this case often comes in an error: Send fail bitmap

Sometimes the 3 steps cycle  works properly, sometimes the third step failed.

What du you advise?

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  • MVP 2023

Why do you re-initialize your COM INIT 1 with each press of Plus/Minus and on MB100 Force Send? This may be the source of your problem.

Also, unrelated to your problem, but you do not need ladder rung 12. Just SET the Power-Up for SB 168 - no need to SET it on every PLC cycle.

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