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DataExport Error


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Can any one explain what causes this error to randomly occur in Data Export?

I can click ok and DataExport will close and then I can restart the project and it will run fine for anywhere from 1-5 days, then error again.   

I've tried stopping the project running and removing the log files which are created, but still have the same problem with the random crash.

It's running on  a Win 7  32 bit machine that is fully updated.

Any ideas?


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  • MVP 2023

Does this problem bring back memories!  Windows NT 4.0, no less.

You have a memory leak.

Unitronics programs were originally written in VB.  I don't know if all them were ported to .NET; that is a question for the Creators.

Start with this suggestion:


You'll have to determine if DataExport is growing larger as it runs, like The Blob from the 1958 classic movie.

Let us know what you find.

Joe T. 

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