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Hi all help

I currently have a V280 with

Ex-1A adapter





Been running fine for years now is coming up with

V5.4(B09) HW A

Expansion Error

1 0x0000 2-0

3 0x0008 4-0x0000

5 0x00000000

can anyone help with which expansion card is causing the problem

turn off power and starts up for up to an hour then faults

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Usually such error comes from electromagnetic noise in the system.

There are two possible ways to fix the problem:

1. review and improve your system to increase the noise immunity. In our web site www.unitronics.com > Support page > Technical Library > Support documents (at te bottom of the page) you can find a doc "Sysytem design guidelines". If you will follow the rules and advices there, thsi must fix the problem.

2. Replace EX-A1 with the newely developped EX-A2X. This module has isolated port, which enable cable length up to 20 meters. As "side effect" the new module is much better protected against noise.

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Hmm, since the system has been installed for several years, and only just started to have problems, can you check if any equipment in the vicinity was added or upgraded recently - such as motor drives, contactors, etc. Also check for modified mains wiring.

I guess we have assumed something has changed in the PLC hardware, but maybe something has changed in the environment?

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Hi, I have the same problem with an OPLC V120, an Expansion Adapter EX-A2X and a IO-DI8-TO8.

First, I had an Expansion Adapter EX-A1: the OPLC did'nt show the error message but the led RUN in the IO module was flashing...

Then, I put the EX-A2X: Early, the communication is established but in a few minutes the OPLC show the error message and the comunnication is broken...

I did test without the IO connections but the problem persists.

Thank you for your help...

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We just found out the same error. We use the IO-LC1 and the EX-A1, and got the EX-A2X as a DIRECT replacement, it is not. We have to use the directional cable with the new EX-A2X module. We have machines out in the field with the EX-A1 in them. Is there an adapter for the cable to make the EX-A2x work without rewiring the machines if there is a repair?

IS there a download of the different cable configurations between the EX-A1 and the EX-A2X?

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