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USMP File format and conversion


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I have a bunch of USMP files (trend data). Not all have ended up as zipped CSV files.

What format are the USMP files?  Looks like XML in the header, but I can't crack the encoding used for the actual data.  Is there a file converter available for USMP files?

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Took a bit of finding (had to use a google search targeted on the Unitronics web site, as site itself does not seem to have a usable search function ?? ).

For future reference  https://unitronicsplc.com/Download/SoftwareUtilities/ 

It does the job, thanks, although the converter does not seem to be able to access or output to anywhere but the /onedrive/documents folder on my Windows 10 machine. You can select different directories, but it ignores your selection and drops back to that default.  Probably a Windows 10 "thing".




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