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Good afternoon

I am trying to send files through ethernet from the SD card. I have downloaded the FTP client example, and have modified it a little bit so it may work in my application.

I will soon be modifying it again, so that it automatically connects, but at the moment I am happy to do things manually (well I would but I cant get it working.)

What should be happening, is that I scan a barcode, which then creates a CSV file on the SD card (that bit is working!)

Then what happens it takes me off to the FTP page. When I press the connect button, it is meant to connect me, but I get nada, nothing!

Can someone tell me where I am going wrong? Thanks guys

Code is attached to this message. The main routine initializes the card etc then I go to the FTP subroutine to do the rest



version 20.vlp

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I've never tried connecting to an FTP server but I have connected to PC's with the PLC initiating communication.

1) does the SB 150 go high ever stating that the PLC is connected?

2)The protocol Scan FC in net one will only be active for 1 scan on the positive pulse of MB 100 so long as all the conditions in front of it are active is this the intended operation? or did you want it checking for incomming messages when you are connected?


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Do you have The SDcard Explorer installed?  If yes set it up to listen (Ethernet listen)on a port say 20275 and change the port in your tcp connect to match.  Click ok the click listen.   Set the IP the PLC is to connect to your PC's .  Trigger the connection thru the PLC LOGIC if it connects SB 150 will set and you can browse the contents of the SD card in the ad card explorer window.  This will let you test your connection logic.  

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Hi Cam

Turns out that even the basic program, just initializing the card and then opening the sockets, the PLC isnt doing anything

However when I run the same program in a Samba it works


PLC is at Unitronics now being dissected I guess,,  I have 2 doing the same thing!

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