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In the Version Change document for 9.8.64 they state:

Project Navigation Tree

Simple, static HMI elements such as lines and circles now appear on the Project Navigation Tree under Static.

I would like to check this out, but I cannot find any information about   what or where the "Project Navigation Tree"  is, or can I find anything labeled Static.      Can someone explain how to get there, or attach a screen shot of what I should be looking for, please?


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Thanks UniGuru - 

But the left hand pane is named the Project Explorer Tree - used to navigate between specific program components. There is nothing new in there.

There is also nothing new in "shapes" which I would think  "Static HMI elements" would be placed.  

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  • MVP 2023

They are the same thing.  I think the Creators thought "Navigation" was a better word than "Explorer" in the version changes document  but that didn't get communicated to the the object namer guy on the software side.

Anyway, there is indeed a new category called Static under the display object collection but you have to drop a static item (line, circle, box) to get it to appear:


It makes it much easier to modify your display, especially in the case of lines.  That particular object is a bear to re-select once it's been dropped.

Joe T.

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