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Visilogic does not like mapped network drives on Win 10

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This has been happening a lot lately.  When I go to open a project on my mapped network drive Visilogic comes back and tells me the location is unavailable.  If I go the long route in the tree - Network -> Computer Name -> Drive Name -> Directory -> project name.vlp then it works.

I have no trouble accessing the location from windows Explorer.

I noticed in the corner of the Visilogic "Open" window is the ancient VB6 file icon.  Is this function in the program still using that control?

Any input on this?

Joe T.

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Joe, I have ran into this before.  It is something within the fine grained security of windows that wants to prevent a program from reading and writing to "mapped drives" you circumvent that by following the path. That being said there has always been an issue with visilogic and permissions.  If they would get it certified by Microsoft a lot of issues would disappear.  

One Try running it as administrator and two turn off your uac and firewall and see if it lets you in, Keep me informed I am curious.  

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Hi Joe,

I note your comment about Explorer access being fine, so although this may not be the answer, my W7 32 refuses to connect correctly to one of my NAS's until I have accessed it via Explorer after booting.  Importantly, even though I tell the system to remember the logon settings, it asks me for the NAS's user and password every time during this first Explorer access.  Once that is done it all works fine.  This need is for both normal windows access and also using FTP.  It can be confusing because a lot of access through other paths simply doesn't work without any advice coming up at all, and if I've forgotten the "logon" bit it is headscratch stuff.  But once I do the explorer logon it all comes back, with everything working perfectly until next restart.

Wondering if perhaps your sequence of doing things is fixing the problem? Or a forced manual logon might cure things?



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SMB 3.0 may have something to do with it. It prevents Win7 PC's and printer/scanners from seeing Win10 PC's shared network folders. Spent hours fighting an issue with that recently. Win10 has a setting in windows features (checkbox) to force support of "SMB 1.0"     Disclaimer: less secure, however if it makes things work in a LAN that is relatively well isolated from WAN then why worry to much. My experience with Win10 shared folders being invisible to NOTwin10 machines was not Visilogic related, so it's worth what you paid for it. This is Microsoft We are dealing with, headaches come at no extra charge!

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