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How to reset "Store direct"

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I made simple program to control analog outuput +/- 10V by display.

A have two buttons 1 and 2. And if I press button 1 a get analog output +0...10V and if I press button 2 then I get 0 ... -10V (what I set before on display).

Now I have problem if i press button I get setted output but when I release it I still have it.

Now I need that when I hold the button 1 or 2 I get signal from analog output and when I release it, it has to be 0.

I used Store direct function. Is it possble to do that?

I dont need linearization for this project.


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Hi to all again.

I have one question about ladder program that attached me @Flex727.

I have only one button and two end switches. I have on hydraulic cylinder to move down manualy and up automaticaly.

When I hold button I need setted output from MI 0 to move cylinder to the end position.

And when cylinder activates end switch 1 then I need output from MI 2 to move cylinder automaticaly  in zero position.

And when he reaches zero position he activates end switch 2 and he stops.


Is it possible to do that?

I know how to do it with digital outputs Reset and Set, but with analog outputs no :unsure:



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  • MVP 2023

Sounds like you need to program a small sequence, now that you've told us what you're trying to do.

Your button becomes a START button, which cycles the cylinder through it's movement.  I've attached an example.  I edited your I/O to have one button and two switches.

You don't have to hold the button while the cylinder is moving.  And you can't stop it mid-stroke  - I'll leave that as an exercise for you.

Joe T.


P.S. @Flex727 - You know I love my state machines.


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Here is my test program that its not finished yet, because I need to add function that cylinder automaticaly moves back to Home Switch when I release button.

In my project I have proportional valve that needs +/-10V to drive it and I have 2 valves that has to work together.

1. When I press and hold Button_1 first it has to activate Valve_1 and after some time (timer T0) it has to activate Valve_2 and proportional valve on speed MI 0.

(Cylinder is moveing when proportional valve is acivated).

1.1 This is written in the program in Part 1 and its working.

2. When cylider activates End Switch it has to move back automaticaly until he activates Home Switch:

-  Button_1 is not pressed

- Valve_1 is activated

- Delay activated Valve_2 and Proportional valve on speed MI 2

2.1 This I have to add in the program Part 2 :/



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