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Hi Ljuba;


See also my response for the JAZZ.

In Visilogic,   Right click on the display,  select fonts and select a font to use.

     On the left there is   Select All    and all the characters will show up with Blue background

    ( the standard fonts will not allow a Select All, so add a new font )

Maybe there is an easier way, but this is what I have tried :

      On the screen, to display the 'special characters'  (0x80 -0xFF -- 128-255)

     use the  Display ASCII String and imbed the special characters in the MI  Vector.

   The Programming display will not show them , but when downloaded, the characters will be displayed.

   ( note    2 characters per MI, enter as HEX because it is easier to decode  the 2 chars  in Hex than as an Integer)

   also the entry is invereted    ab (0x6162)       is entered as  ba(0x6261)   in the MI.      0x  just means Hex Format

This may not be the best solution, and if there are better solutions from others, please contribute. We all learn.






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