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Alarm windows in V700 to small font

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  • MVP 2023


I try to build project with new V700 panel.

Large display make possible to use large buttons and fonts visble for  user without glasses .

Application in V700 is disigned for users with age above 50.

But alarm display in V700 has small font and little buttons. Stylus must be used.

It is hard to use V700 alarm display without magnification or glasses.

Is it possible to switch font or resize embedded to V700 alarm display buttons?


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  • MVP 2023

This involves the use of a data table.

1.  Create the table in the format you want your list to be, with all appropriate columns


2.  Write logic to put your list in the table using the Write Row function


In this logic I use "Copy Rows" to bump all the rows down by one and write the new data to row 0.

3.  Make a screen with a whole bunch of variables on it with the data you want to display.


4.  Write logic to populate all those variables with Read Row functions



As I said, it takes a while.  This is why I really, really wish they had a data table graphic object in Visilogic.  But that's not going to happen.

Please don't ask for an example.  These are screenshots from a customer's program that he paid a fair amount of money for me to write and I'm not going to post it.

If you want to post your efforts and ask for assistance we'll be glad to help.

Joe T.




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