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FTP client won't connect to UniStream FTP server

D Green

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Here's my server setup (Password is Pass99.):



Here's what happens when I try to connect using FileZilla:


Here's what happens when I try to connect using the Windows FTP client:


When I first used FTP, it worked. Then I didn't use it for about 3 weeks. After that, I got this problem. During that time, I changed nothing except my project file (ladder and HMI changes). I tried an older project file from before the problem occurred and still get the problem. I also tried connecting from a different PC - still no luck. Someone suggested running the client as administrator. I'm running an admin account on both PC's.

Any ideas?

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Download All and a blank project didn't help and so has Power cycle the PLC many. However, I was contacted by Unitronics headquarters (remote session) about this issue. A remote session was done from there and the problem was solved.

They found an issue with username/password control and said it can cause a problem once in a blue moon. If it ever happens again, the remedy for  a user is to reinstall the UniStream OS. They said this will be corrected with the next OS version.

To Eduardo and everyone else involved: Thanks for your help. A definite reason for us to stick with Unitronics.

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Happy to help.

Just to elaborate on D Green comment. The issue is a wrong internal logic on the  username/password mechanism.  It exist until OS version 1.22.X but not likely to happen (the combinations of terms to it to exist is rare). This issue will be fixed in version 1.23.X.

Workaround - Force upgrade the UniStream OS.

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