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Linearization block in Visilogic for analog output

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Hello , I am using the linearization block in Visilogic to control a current analog output with the following options:

input MI from 600 to 1000 range    ---- linearization----->  analog output from 819 to 4096 range

My question is what value will the analog output have when the value of the input MI exceeds or drops bellow the range (600 - 1000)?

I dont have a PLC right now, so i cant test. 


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What will happen when the input to the block is out of your range is it will continue to linearize as it should, going above and below your 819 and 4096 points in a linear fashion.

What will happen with the analog output is it will continue down to zero mA on the low end and if you get above 4095 it will also go to zero mA.

7 hours ago, Ausman said:

you need to have logic to cover this, using compares


Joe T.

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