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UDFB output function value doesn't match the connected variable


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I have a PID function block  with an embedded PWM  function which should turn a heater on and off with a duty cycle. However it is always set on (1). When I monitor the PID UDFB the output from the PWM is 0 but the main ladder has it as a 1. If i drill down further in the PWM UDFB then that is also 0. I don't  understand what is happening.

Any help would be great.



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Value types, like integers, Bits, Real, are being passed by value (Meaning, their value is being passed to the function, and not the pointer to the value) when used in a function-in.

So any attempt to change their value within a function code will only affect the value inside the function.


Arrays and structs are being passed by Reference, so if you change a value of a bit or a number inside it from a function code, then it will affect the value outside the function.


You have 2 options: Passing an array/ struct, or pass the number / bit as a function-out (which means that it will be passed as a reference).

I hope this information helps.

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