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Create a header in an SD card file

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  • MVP 2023

Is there a way to tell if a file exists on an SD card before calling Write Delimited line?  I want to write a header in the first line before I start filling a file with data that someone may or may not recognize.

In the past I've manually triggered a Write Line that had the header text, but this seems hokey.

Joe T. 

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  • MVP 2023

So it worked out mostly ok?  In reading the help file my interpretation was that Bit 2 would be ON if the file wasn't found.  Just confirming that you're finding that it is OFF with no file name match, and ON with file present?

Maybe the nulls are some sort of maximum?  256 characters in total?

I haven't time to play with this at present, but am curious about it for future reference.



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