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Anyone ever have a problem trying to program an EX-RC1 in bridge mode over Ethernet? I have a v700 that is connected to three EX-RC1s. When I attempt to load new code to any of them using bridge mode, I'm getting a "retry binary transmit" message from Visilogic followed by an error 240. The download process then halts.

Any insight would be appreciated.


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That sounds like an issue with the integrity of the CANbus network installation.

1. Are you using real and true CANbus cable  (Accept no substitutes!  Or if you're like me and don't want to pay big bucks for the wire and use CAT5 instead, dial the baud rate down.   This is NOT Unitronics' official position, but it does work for testing.  Buy the real stuff when you ship it.)

2.  Is it terminated with a 120 ohm resistor on each end?

3.  Is the cabling daisy-chained or starred?  Starring is bad.

4.  What is the baud rate?


Joe T.

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I tried increasing the timeouts and got some moderate improvements, but still saw these timeout errors. This was over Ethernet.

When I connect to the USB port on the PLC and use bridge mode I can program all the EX-RC1s.

The CANBUS cable is Belden 3084, which I believe is what Unitronics specified or used as an example in their data sheet. All devices are daisy-chained, with 120 ohm resistors at each end. Baud rate is 500K.

I'm wondering if the ethernet switch I'm connecting through may be contributing to the problem.


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