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UL Type Environmental Rating

Jared H

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After searching through the Technical Support links I am still left without an answer to the issue below.

Is there any documentation that tells what "UL Type" Environmental Rating the HMIs have?  In my case I am looking for the UL rating of a panel/door mounted SAMBA Series SM43-J-R20.  All documentation I have seen shows a NEMA4X/IP66/IP65 (when panel mounted).  Apparently this is not sufficient for my UL rep. He is looking for the "UL Type" rating, not NEMA or IP since they do not correlate.  If this info cannot be found I will have to rate my panels as a UL Type 1 and redesign to meet the necessary UL Type 12.

Thank you in advance for any info.



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We are a UL 508A shop.

In UL land, unless the word "Type" appears on the item it is NOT Type rated regardless of the actual NEMA Rating.  This is UL's way of saying "Yeah, it probably does seal as well as you say, but you have to pay us a bunch more money to verify that."

So the panel does indeed degrade to Type 1 when you start cutting holes in it as far as UL is concerned.

Joe T.

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Just a heads up.  This issue did finalize as a UL Variance.  Unless the product documentation clearly states a "UL Type" rating, the enclosure it is mounted through can only be rated a UL Type 1.  So until the HMI documentation is updated, if anyone is using a panel/door mount HMI and is needing an enclosure to be certified UL Type higher than 1 it cannot be done.  NEMA ratings and IP ratings will be okay, just not UL.

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