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RTC time to String

Rob Miller

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I'm brand new to UniLogic so it's probably right in front of me and i can't find it.

How do i get a string of the date & time? I see the RTC Date and Time system tags that consist of the parts but i need to get a strings of mm/dd/yyyy and hh:mm:ss

Also, is there a way to concatenate strings? I'd like to save a data table to a SD file based on a user input name, ascii date, ascii time (name_mmddyyyy_hhmmss) 


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I'm assuming you're working with a UniStream.  This PLC does not have a native RTC to ASCII function.   Read up on UDFBs (User Defined Function Blocks) in the Help - these are loadable functions written in ladder code.  Flex has posted a UDFB file above that you can load into your PLC to get the functionality you're looking for.

Joe T.

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