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Analog input to analog Output on/off

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I have another question:

Is it possible to reset somehow all my MB buttons to state 0 when I turn on the PLC ?

Now If I push button I got 1 and if I switch off the PLC and switch it back on I still have 1. Now I would like to reset all my MBs somehow if I forgot to turn it down to 0.

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Another question about potentiometer.

To regulate analog output +/- 10V Im useing potentiometer 4,7kOhm + resistor on analog input (4...20mA).

Potentiometer scale is 0-10 (pic in attachment) and now I have problem that my 0V is on scale 8 and not 5.

Is it possible to calibrate somehow that my 0V will be in the midle (scale 5) ?

+/-10V is now working ok but my 0V is on scale 8 and I regulate 0..10V from scale 8...10 and 0V...-10V from scale 8-0.



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I tryed with different values of linearization on analog input but with no luck. 

I would like that when I have potentiometer in the middle on scale 5 analog output needs to be 0V. Now 0V is on scale 8. I have less rotation adjustment from 0V to 10V (scale 8 to 10). And I have more rotation adjustment from 0V to -10V (scale 8 to 0).

Linearizarion is working ok only that 0V is not in the middle of the potentiometer.

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  • MVP 2023

Regarding the linearization - go online with your PLC and record the MI values for your potentiometer at minimum and maximum position (0 & 10 positions). Now use that for the linearization block for your output. If you need help with that, then post those numbers here and I'll help you. As a sanity check, you should also record the number at position 5 to confirm that it's about halfway (in value) between 0 and 10 to confirm your potentiometer is linear.

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