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Remote Operator working internally but not externally

John Gioia

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Hi all, I have successfully configured TCP/IP on my V700.  I have assigned it an internal IP address, SubNet Mask and Gateway and can ping my PLC from my computer.

I was able to successfully use Remote Operator and import my .URC file and all is good. I used the default   20256 port number.

I have asked the IT department to port forward port number #20256 to my internal IP address of my PLC so that I can attempt to test the Remote Operator from the outside internet world.

I have defined the external IP address in my favorites in the Remote Operator with port #20256 and I have used the same PLC name that I defined in the PLC.

I gave myself at least a 20 second timeout and I still cant seem to connect to my PCL remotely (outside of my office) .. have I missed out on something ?



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If John and Sas were to post the exact names of their routers, and perhaps links to a correct manual, someone might have the time to go right through them.  To me it is still a router issue, unless the WAN connection is being done via a SIM card which may be stopping things happening.



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